Help with Drug Addiction

Help with drug addiction

Help with drug addiction. Drug addiction is a complex and chronic disease that affects millions of people worldwide. It is characterised by compulsive drug-seeking behaviour, despite the harmful consequences that come with drug use. In this article, we will explore what drug addiction is, its causes, symptoms, and treatment options.

What is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction, also known as substance use disorder, is a chronic disease that affects the brain and behaviour. It is characterised by compulsive drug-seeking behaviour, despite the negative consequences that come with drug use. Over time, drug use can lead to changes in the brain that can make it difficult to control drug use, leading to addiction.

Causes of Drug Addiction

The causes of drug addiction are complex and multifactorial. They can include:

  • Genetics: Some individuals may be more prone to addiction due to genetic factors.
  • Environmental factors: Exposure to drugs, peer pressure, and trauma can all contribute to the development of drug addiction.
  • Mental health: Individuals with mental health disorders, such as depression or anxiety, may be more likely to develop drug addiction.

Symptoms of Drug Addiction

The symptoms of drug addiction can vary depending on the drug used, the severity of the addiction, and the individual’s overall health. Some common symptoms of drug addiction include:

  • Cravings and compulsive drug-seeking behaviour
  • Loss of control over drug use
  • Continued drug use despite negative consequences
  • Withdrawal symptoms when drug use is stopped
  • Tolerance to the effects of the drug, leading to increased use
  • Social and occupational problems, such as loss of employment or strained relationships

Treatment for Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a chronic disease, and treatment is essential for long-term recovery. Treatment options can vary depending on the individual’s needs, but may include:

  1. Detoxification

Detoxification, or detox, is the process of removing drugs from the body. It is often the first step in drug addiction treatment and is typically done under medical supervision to manage withdrawal symptoms.

  1. Behavioural Therapy

Behavioural therapy, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), is a type of therapy that helps individuals identify and change negative patterns of thinking and behaviour. It can be an effective treatment option for drug addiction, as it can help individuals develop new coping strategies and manage triggers and cravings.

  1. Medications

Medications can be used to manage withdrawal symptoms and reduce drug cravings. For example, methadone and buprenorphine can be used to manage opioid addiction, and naltrexone can be used to reduce alcohol cravings.

  1. Support Groups

Support groups, such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or SMART Recovery, can provide a supportive environment where individuals can share their experiences, receive guidance and support from others who have gone through similar struggles, and learn from others’ successes and challenges.

Drug addiction is a complex and chronic disease that requires professional treatment and support for successful recovery. If you or someone you know is struggling with drug addiction, it is important to seek professional help and support to overcome this disease and lead a healthy and fulfilling life. With the right treatment and support, individuals can overcome drug addiction and achieve long-term recovery.

It is amazing how drug addiction has grown throughout the world, especially when everyone is so more aware of the risks of drug addiction, and the damage it can cause. And if they are not aware, they can read it anywhere on the internet etc. As for opiate addiction. Year ending March 2020 (latest figures) 51% of people in treatment in the UK are for Opiates. (

Common sense? – Help with Drug Addiction

Surely by now common sense would kick in, and drug addiction would be going down year on year. That is what we would like to think. But the truth is, it is going up year on year. How can this be possible. The main reason is the amount of drugs about, and the ease of getting hold of them. Plus the cost is much less than it ever was. 

Drug dealers

I explain this to a lot of my clients. And I will say it agin. “Every penny spent on illegal drugs goes towards fuelling crime”. 

So let us take a new drug dealer. They can start off with a couple of hundred pounds, and in a day they have doubled it £400 or more. The next day to £800. So being realistic, in a month they can have built up a big customer base, and have a few thousand pounds. Now look at their buying power in one month. Within a year they have built up much more money to buy drugs with. So why would you give these drug dealers the satisfaction and your hard earn cash? 

Let us look at it. So you:

1/ Know the dangers

2/ You know the risks

3/  Know it will take all your money, however rich you are

4/ You will lose friends and family 

5/ Plus You will lose your job

6/ You are giving away your hard earns cash to some scumbag. 

So why would you start taking drugs? But millions of people worldwide do every year. And millions of people spend millions of pounds trying to get off the substance they are addicted to. “Is it me, or has the world gone mad!”

Drug misuse – latest figures 

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