My experience as an alcoholic

My experience as an alcoholic

My experience as an alcoholic

My experience as an alcoholic. Was it worth it? Half of me wants to say yes! but being honest, I was going through a marriage where I was not happy, and I had much more fun in the pub with my so called “friends”.

Drinking in pubs. The same five people 

The thing you will learn with drinking in pubs is. Every pub has the same five people in it. The one who is wealthy, the intelligent one, the funny one, the handy man, and the one who knows it all. Also you will find in time that pub people are “fair weathered” friends. What I mean by that is. They will be your friend all the time you are happy to drink with them, and listen to their stories etc. But the moment you are ill, or not drinking. They will not be interested. I suppose in a funny sort of way, it is the same with drug dealers. They are only your friends when you are buying from them. 

The damage to my life, health, business etc

Don’t get me wrong I had a fantastic time drinking with pub people, and some great memories. And to be fair I had no idea what it was doing to my body, relationships, family values etc. It was destroying the lot. It also messed up my business, and my wealth. 

So where has it left me know?

So now after getting ill, which included 7 months on dialysis, and a kidney transplant I am no longer able to drink. Why did I add this page to the website. Simple. To help you get away from drinking before it destroys your health, your relationships, you wealth, and everything you are likely to lose. 

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I have been where you are now, and I can tell you how to get out of it. Plus I can tell you what I went through. I do know the ways around your drinking. Even down to getting a detox or going to rehab. Call me now on 07811 606 606 my name is Mark. 

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