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Alcohol Home Detox
NHS Alcohol Home Detox

NHS Alcohol Home Detox

NHS - Alcohol home detox program

NHS Alcohol home detox. Our NHS do an amazing job helping people who are ill. And we respect and have full respect for them. But being in this industry for over 13 years, we are not aware of an NHS alcohol home detox. We have searched all avenues to try and find if it is possible to get an alcohol home detox on the NHS, and it is not possible. So your best option is with us,  and our private alcohol home detox program. It is totally confidential, and not expensive, and it will not end up on your medical record either. A lot of clients prefer this not on their medical record, for when they are going for life insurance, or a new job etc.

Your options – NHS Alcohol home detox

We get many calls from the NHS, asking if we would do a home detox on a client they are releasing from hospital. So I suppose in that sense, we are the best option. I must say, I think we are by far. We are affordable, safe and our alcohol home detox is comfortable. And I believe we are the longest running alcohol home detox company out there. You have nothing to lose it you want to give us a call. We have happy to go through all the options available for you. 

Alcoholism – NHS

We treat alcoholism as an illness. Plus we have all been where you are today. We have all got through the other side now. Also we can help you get there too. We are only a phone call away. You do not have to live the way you do. Help is out there. Do get in touch. We can help you. 

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We are happy to talk to you about anything relayed to alcohol addiction, or if you would like to book an alcohol home detox program. You may just want to know what options are available to you. Call Tel; 07811 606 606 anytime. We will be here. 

Alcohol Home Detox
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