Why at home

I am asked this question a lot. Can I have an alcohol home detox at home? Well the answer is yes, and on top of that an alcohol home detox has a very high success rate. I believe this is because the client is getting family or loved ones support during their alcohol home detox, and they are in familiar surrounds with people they know. It is fair to say for some, residential rehab is a better option. (More so if it is a drug addiction).

When I finally came off alcohol it was like coming out of a cloud. I cold almost see the cloud of chaos following me, swirling round and round. Then all of a sudden I could think clearly, I could see things clearly, I could taste things again, I understand things. It is not until you give up alcohol you realise how much hard work being an alcoholic is. Alcohol owns you. Your whole life is geared around making sure you had enough drink in the house, and to be honest, I never even wanted it.