alcohol home detox
alcohol home detox

Start your Alcohol Home Detox today – £1,295 (nothing else to pay)

There is never a better time to start your alcohol home detox than now. Call our team and start your alcohol home detox today, or later in the week. If you are reading this website, then you or a loved one are ready for help. Call us on: 07811 606 606 to discuss our programme and a way forward. 

How Long Does an alcohol home detox Take

Private alcohol home detox can take between 5 and 14 days depending on the severity of the clients alcohol consumption. The length of a private detox will be assessed at the time of the clients telephone medical assessment. This will carried out by our detox nurses.

The steps for your alcohol home detox
The steps

Alcohol home detox Tips

Don’t leave it too late. There does become a point where a client has passed the point of no return. This means the client is too ill to have a detox, and too ill to have a hospital alcohol detox. It is now just a matter of time. For the majority of clients a private alcohol home detox is an extremely safe procedure. We would never detox anyone who is too ill for a private alcohol home detox. 

Telephone Assessment
Telephone Assessment

Alcohol home detox Protocol 

The first stage to a private detox is a telephone assessment. This is mainly to make sure the client is safe to have a home detox. The client will need someone living with them during the home detox period. This can be at the clients home or a friends home. Providing the assessment is alright and the client does have someone with them, we are them able to more on to stage 2.

There is a certain alcohol detox protocol at home which is followed during your detox. You will have a supervisor, who is normally a friend or family member who will follow our protocol.

You are only able to have an alcohol home detox with us if you pass our telephone assessment. But do not worry. If you are unable to pass our assessment, then we will offer alternative treatment options available to you. This is purely for your own safety.

Home Visit

This is the second stage in a home detox. We send one of our nurses to the clients home to explain to the client, and the person staying with the client, how the medication works. It is nothing to be worried about as the medication is only in tablet form and nothing else. The nurse is normally with the client for around 90 minutes at this stage. The nurse who does the clients assessment will be the nurse who sees through the whole procedure. You will never be past from pillar to post.

Visit by qualified nurse
Home Visit by our qualified nurse

Minimum of 4 phone calls a day 

After the assessment, the nurse will leave the clients home. From here on everything is done over the phone. The nurse who did the clients assessment, will remain the clients nurse right through the home detox. The nurse will call before any medication is administered. The clients safety is paramount. The client will have full support through their home detox by their nurse and us.

We have been helping clients with alcohol addiction via our Alcohol Home Detox Programmes for over 10 years. Our team understands the pressures of alcohol addiction, and know who to deal with them. We offer the most supported alcohol home detox available in the UK. An alcohol home detox is a managed alcohol detoxification by our qualified nurses which takes place in your home or any other safe environment you choose. Take advantage of our Same day service which is now available. Our nurses are highly experienced, trained and qualified in the UK. Our detox is Safe, Comfortable and Successful. All Totally confidential. No withdrawal symptoms, No sweats, No shakes, No feeling sick, No cravings

Alcohol home detox Support

You will be given our nurses direct phone number who you can call anytime day or night. You will also have our direct number here. There will always be someone on the end of the phone. Because of the amount of contact the client has with our detox nurse, it would be very unusual for a client to need to call us direct. But we are alway here incurs of an issue. 

Full Support Given
Full support From our Detox Nurses 24/7

How much does a home detox cost

Our private detox cost just £1,295. There is nothing else to pay. No VAT, or any other tax. It does not matter where in the UK you live, or how long the home detox takes. The cost will stay thew same, just £1,295. We offer the most supported private detox available anywhere in the UK. Our services are safe, cost effective and comfortable. Our nurses are here 24 hours a day, and you are never on your own. The support we offer is second to none. Our alcohol home detox works.

Does a home detox hurt

Very simply, NO. This is how it works. There are NO injections, it is just pills. You will be given pills to replace the alcohol you have been drinking. This will stop you having any fits or seizures etc. Our nurses will call you before every medication time. So you know you are having the correct medication at the correct time. You will never be left son your own. Talk to us if you are worried.

Are our nurses qualified

Our nurses are the UK’s top detox nurses who have many years of experience in this field. We know we can help you. Also being Totally confidential, nothing will appear on your medical record. Cetox Healthcare offers the most supported alcohol home detox in the UK and we would be happy to help you. 

Alcohol home detox – Is it successful

When we started offering home detoxes for alcohol back in 2009, it was fairly ground breaking. No one was offering this service. We have always thrived on safety and making sure the client stays well during their detox. I am glad to say since we started our alcohol home detox programmes we have help hundreds of clients get well, and more to the point get their lives back.

What are our programmes

Our alcohol home detox programmes can be carried out anywhere in the UK.  After you have called our team, your alcohol home detox normally starts within 1 to 2 days, or can be sooner on request. Same day service is available. If you would like any help or advice, or to book an alcohol home detox, call our team on 07811 606 606

What we also offer

  • Alcohol Home Detox
  • Residential Detox in one of our 5 detox clinics in England 
  • Residential Rehab in one of our 5 detox centres in England
  • The Sinclair method
  • Online rehab programmes

Call: 07811 606 606 for immediate help

An alcohol home detox is a managed alcohol detoxification by our qualified nurses which takes place in your home or any other safe environment you choose. Take advantage of our Same day service which is now available. Our nurses are highly experienced, trained and qualified in the UK. Our detox is Safe, Comfortable and Successful. All Totally confidential. No withdrawal symptoms, No sweats, No shakes, No feeling sick, No cravings

At home?

 I am asked this question a lot. Can I have an alcohol home detox at home? Well the answer is yes, and on top of that an alcohol home detox has a very high success rate. I believe this is because the client is getting family or loved ones support during their alcohol home detox, and they are in familiar surrounds with people they know. It is fair to say for some, residential rehab is a better option. (More so if it is a drug addiction).

When I finally came off alcohol it was like coming out of a cloud. I cold almost see the cloud of chaos following me, swirling round and round. Then all of a sudden I could think clearly, I could see things clearly, I could taste things again, I understand things. It is not until you give up alcohol you realise how much hard work being an alcoholic is. Alcohol owns you. Your whole life is geared around making sure you had enough drink in the house, and to be honest, I never even wanted it.

How bad it got

I can still recall drinking warm white wine as I had no cold white wine left in the fridge, and that, I can tell you was disgusting! Once I remember drinking a litre of Vodka at lunch time and driving home from the pub. I did not even feel like I had had a drink. How stupid was I to let this addiction control me in this way. And to the extend of putting other peoples lives at risk. If you or a friend is in the same boat as I was, please call us. We can help you. Tel: 07811 606 606  


The alcohol home detox we offer is private. This means you will not need to consult your doctor, or if you prefer you can. With a private alcohol home detox everything is totally confidential.

Most supported

Our alcohol home detox is the most supported alcohol home detox in the UK. We are the only detox company offering this level of support. Plus we also do a “same day service”. In most cases we can start your alcohol home detox the next day. This we believe is important as when a client wished to have an alcohol home detox, this feeling may only last a few days before denial kicks in, and the client decides not to bother as they think they car do it on their own. So if you have a family member or friend who needs an alcohol home detox, and is willing to have an alcohol home detox, then it is important you jump on it right away. It is no good leaving it.

Detox regime

Is a alcohol home detox successful? I know our alcohol home detox regime is successful as we have done lots and lots of them, and only in one case did a client need another one after a year. This was because of a slight relapse at a funeral. We must remember that a vast majority of people who drink alcohol can do so without getting addicted. Sadly there a number of people where the alcohol takes over, and they end up needed an alcohol home detox. Here at Cetox, we are none judgmental, and we do care about our clients. Our goal is the same as yours. Getting you family member or loved one off their addiction to alcohol. And we are good at it!

Detox tips

The main alcohol home detox tips are to not worry. The medication we administer will stop cravings, sickness, upset stomach, shakes etc. Our alcohol home detox is safe, and very comfortable. You may be surprised why you ever worried in the first place, and more to the point, why it took you so long to get the help you needed. I personally found when I was detoxed over 10 years ago, it was like coming out of a cloud of chaos. You could almost see it following you.

Is there a down side?

Is there a down side? No. Our detox is a medical detox tailored to the client. We use the same prescribed medication you would be given if you went to the top alcohol rehab centres in this country. What we use is also the best medication for stopping alcohol abuse. You cannot buy this medication, as it is a prescription medication only. All our nurses are prescription subscribers, and all our medication comes from a UK chemist. We never buy medication in. For an alcohol home detox, you will need someone living with you. If you do not have anyone, we can supply a nurse during your detox period. (This is a chargeable)

Detox withdrawal

The beauty of the medication used during your detox, you will not have withdrawal. You will feel like you have had a drink. You will feel great when you wake up in the morning. We will slowly reduce the medication so you still will not get any detox withdrawal.

Detox London

We do our alcohol home detox all over the UK. We also cover every part of London.

Detox – How to help someone

If you know someone who needs an detox, maybe a loved one, or a work colleague, or a friend of a friend etc, then we are only a phone call away. That is the best way to help someone as we have qualified nurses on hand to speak to them straight way. All the medication we prescribe is prescription medication, hence only a professional prescriber can administer this medication. This is not something you can do yourself.

Detox timeline

The normal period for home detox is between 5 and 11 days. It all depends on the severity of the user. Plus we do not want the client uncomfortable. We will detox slowly and in a medically safe way. This is so the client does not suffer withdrawal. The nice thing is, with the medication we will use, the client will wake up in the morning not feeling sick, not having any shakes, not have any cravings, and will be very conformable. Most clients say to us after their alcohol home detox, “I wish I had of done this years ago”. It really is that easy.

Detox remedies

What are the alcohol home detox remedies. It is very straight forward. We basically give you medication to replace the alcohol your body has got use to. We then reduce the medication in a medical safe way. This would be exactly the same as if you went into a private residential rehab and detox centre.

NHS home detox

The NHS alcohol home detox is available, but takes a long time to get put forward, if at all.  Our private home detox is totally confidential. Hence it will not end up on your medical record. A lot of clients prefer this for when they are gong for life insurance etc.

Important – You should read this

Sadly there are some companies out there who offer an alcohol home detox, who are just after your money. They will send you medication or a prescription without doing any assessment, and with no understanding of your physical and mental health. These companies are dangerous to use, and people do die under these conditions. If you are not offered an assessment, AND you are not getting a HOME VISIT by a professional nurse or doctor, then steer clear of these companies. It could cost you your life!

Evidence for alcohol home detox

On the right hand side of this page is our testimonials. It is testimonials that our alcohol home detox works. Here at Cetox Healthcare Ltd we want your alcohol home detox to be safe, comfortable, and we want it to work. We only employ trusted, and fully qualified alcohol treatment practitioners / nurses in the field of addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

All our staff are companionate, and understand addiction. Our nurses aim to be with you within 24 hours in most cases. We do care about your family member or loved one. Call us now on Tel: 07811 606 606 and we can help you!

What to expect with your alcohol home detox

Included in our programmes

    • Everything is treated in the strictest of confidence
    • A minimum of 4 phone calls a day from your detox nurse
    • 24 hour helpline direct to your detox nurse
    • Affordable home detox price
    • Available anywhere in the UK
    • Phone assessment followed by home visit and assessment by your detox nurse
    • No need to see your doctor as all medication prescribes by our nurses
    • Live in – nurses also available
    • Nothing will be put on your medical record
  • We are the only company in the UK offering this amount of care and support

How it works

  • Contact us on Tel: 0845 3881 543 or mobiles call 07811 606 606
  • Our detox nurses will take a telephone assessment and arrange a home visit
  • One of our detox nurses will visit your home (anywhere in the UK)
  • Your detox nurse will then prescribe your medication (given to supervisor)
  • Your detox nurse will call you 4 times a day before you take your medication.
  • W can change your medication if any symptoms occur.

 Is it expensive

Residential rehab is great for some people, but for others this is not possible. In todays busy world, some people find a stay in rehab is too disruptive for their lives. This may be due to family commitments, or business commitments etc. That is why we offer alcohol home detox packages.

Here at Cetox Healthcare, which is part of ADUS Healthcare / Pierpoint Addiction Services, we offer a highly successful programme to suit your busy life.

Programmes available

We have a supervised home detox programme or a live in programme.

1/ Supervised programme – This programme is for clients who have someone with them 24/7 to administer medication etc. 

2/ Live in programme – This is where one of our qualified nurses live in with the client 24/7 to administer medication etc

Alcohol at-home treatment

The first step in your treatment is to assess your difficulties, and a thorough breakdown of what needs to be done about them. Once this is established, we will prescribe a medication regime if needed, and you will be checked over to make certain you are fit enough to undertake an alcohol home detox. The medication prescribed will be for between 5 and 7 days depending on the severity of the addiction.

 After the medication period you will no  longer be dependant on alcohol, and should feel a great deal better. In most cases you should only need to see your detox nurse once, but if necessary you will receive follow ups visits, as your progress through treatment continues. We will discuss this during your first meeting with your independent prescriber.

Live in nurse

We can also offer a “live in” nurse during your treatment if necessary. Call our team for details of this. Your detox nurse will also call you a minimum of four times a day (medication times) during your detox period in order to make sure things are progressing in a satisfactory manner. You will be given a 24 hour phone number directly to your detox nurse for any queries or emergencies.

Our alcohol detox programmes and tried and tested to bring relief to people with alcohol problems. Our home detox programmes have a high level of success, and are extremely cost effective to suit all budgets.


The medication used for the treatment may cause drowsiness, tiredness and dizziness. It is a requirement that a person who is undergoing an alcohol home detox needs must have time off work to concentrate on their treatment due to the mentioned side effects. Individuals undergoing alcohol home detox must not operate machinery or drive vehicles.

At-Home Treatment

We offer detox programmes for people suffering from alcohol dependency and related problems. All our alcohol home detox programmes are staffed and run by qualified registered and experienced independent nurse prescribers. 

The costs with us are set at one price, and it does not matter where you live in the UK, it is the same price and there is also nothing to add to our price. That is all you will pay.

If you would like any information about alcohol abuse, the causes of addiction, or any more details relating to an alcohol home detox, please call us now on Tel: 07811 606 606 and we will be glad to help. We are also ready to help you with an alcohol home detox.

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