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Rehab Centres

Rehab Centres

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We have 6x Residential Rehab Centres

Rehab centres. We fully respect an alcohol home detox is not for everyone. Some people prefer to be at an alcohol rehabilitation centre. Here are our rehab prices. We are the most affordable in the UK. We are currently running at an 85% success rate for long term abstinence from alcohol or drugs. Our rehab and detox programs really work. Here is a list of our prices. This is our Luton rehab centre price list. We also have residential rehab centres in Blackpool, Liverpool, Nottingham, Cardiff, Scotland, Leicester, Northampton, Watford, and other ares of the UK. Call now for details. Tel: 07811 606 606  (Open 24 hours)

Rehab prices – Residential Rehab Centres 

  • 10 days residential rehabilitation including a tailored medical detox = £3,295
  • 2 weeks residential rehabilitation including a tailored medical detox = £3,995 
  • 4 weeks residential rehabilitation including a tailored medical detox = £7,495 
  • 8 weeks residential rehabilitation including a tailored medical detox = £9,995
  • 12 weeks residential rehabilitation including a tailored medical detox£13,495 

Contact us

If you would like more details of our rehab programs, and where are residential rehab centres are. Please call our team on Tel: 07811 606 606. We will be happy to go through everything with you. There is no hurry, and we will give you are much time as you need. It is a bit of a mine field, as you may have already worked out. We will give you good honest advice about the residential rehab centres which are safe, and the ones which are not.

Plus we will explain to you the residential rehab centres where you have a great chance of success, and the ones where you definitely do not, and why you don’t. Call us now on Tel: 07811 606 606 or text us, and we will happily call you back. Or use the message service at the bottom right of this page. Let your addiction be a thing of the past.

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