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Legal High Addiction

Legal High Addiction

legal high addiction

Legal high Addiction 

Legal High Addiction is ready available in the UK. What on earth is the government thinking? It is beyond belief. Legal highs are generally used as a gateway to other drugs. The whole lot should be taken off the shelves, and thrown away as far as I am concerned. Legal high sadly is nothing new here in the UK, and other parts of the world. And in the early days, most legal highs didn’t really do a lot. But them came “Mcat”. Then everything changed. The bar was pushed too far. It was also sold as a plant fertiliser, but most people in that drug field knew what it was. This did get banned, but it opened the gates for dealers to sell legal highs with similar ingredient. 

Then these substances got banned, and more new ones were produced. This went on for a number of years. It does seem to be back to normal now, but I believe this is because illegal drugs are so easy to get hold of. Not expensive and plentiful.

Spice and K2 – Legal High Addiction

Spice and K2 were then on sale here in the UK. This changed everything. Spice is now one of the most dangerous drugs on the planet, as it makes the user think they can fly etc, and jump off building. 

Can you get addicted to legal high

Yes. and we do get clients into rehab who have done just this. I believe there should be no such thing as legal highs. You can get into enough trouble with alcohol. Most packaging with legal high has “Not fit for human consumption” written on them. Says it all really. Some you smoke. 

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