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Alcohol Home Detox
Cornwall Alcohol Home Detox

Cornwall Alcohol Home Detox

Alcohol Home Detox in Cornwall

Cornwall Alcohol Home Detox. This must be hard living in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, yet suffering with an alcohol addiction. We can help you. The good news is, we now cover every part of Cornwall with our alcohol home detox program. We also understand your nearest residential rehab centres is hours away from you. This makes it very hard to get too if you are suffering with an addiction. 

When can I start my alcohol home detox program

We can have your assessment and medication all done, and ready for later today. So there is no reason why you cannot start your alcohol home detox today. If you prefer we can start it any other time which suites you. There is no pressure. Whenever you are ready, we will be ready. 

Residential Detox and Rehab Centres

As I said before on this page, there are no detox centres near Cornwall. But if you are happy to travel we do offer the most affordable rehab centres in the UK. Being realistic you can go by train how a days and get everywhere in good time. Residential rehab is not for everyone, but I will say our Rehab Centres are very friendly and all our staff are none-judgemental. All we all want to do is get you well.  

Contact us

We know the hard part is getting help. But we are very friendly, and want to help you. Our alcohol home detox is extremely safe, and you will not suffer withdrawal with the prescribed medication you are given. It is designed to stop withdrawal and is used by every residential rehab centre in the country for detoxing from alcohol. Call us now and let us help you. Tel; 07811 606 606 we have a nurse waiting to help you. 

Cornwall alcohol home detox program


Alcohol Home Detox
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