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Crystal meth addiction

Crystal meth addiction

crystals meth addiction

Crystal meth addiction is getting more popular worldwide as it is a cheap drug to manufacture, and a cheap drug to buy on the streets. The biggest problem is the health effects it has on the user. The process of manufacturing Crystal Meth is basically a lot of chemicals put together, most of which are highly dangerous and harmful. These are made in Meth labs all over the world. The chemicals which can be purchased from supermarkets to produce Crystal Meth, and sold on to users for large profits. There are whole towns in America addicted to Crystal Meths. It is so highly addictive. This is not a drug you mess about with or experiment with. Stay well clear of this drug. 

How is taken? 

Again, this is one to stay well clear of. You can smoke, inject, or snot Crystal Meth. The effect last for ages. In fact normally around 12 hours. Some users do not sleep for a week while on crystal Meth. Think what that is doing to your body onto of all the other health issues related to this drug. 

Side effect of Crystal Meth?

This drug is really damaging to your looks, your health and your wellbeing. It decays your teeth. It ages the user by many years. Most Crystal Meth users look like old people. It totally controls your life. Trust me, your life will be finished if you go down this road. Crystal Meth is a very dangerous drug. 

What is it?

Its real name in lengthy is Crystal Methamphetamine which has been shortened on the street. You may know it as an amphetamine. It is also a psychostimulant and a phenethylamine in the psychoactive drug class. 

Street Names

Meth is the most commonly used street name. Other names include Tweak, Crank, Tik, Glass, Clouds and Ice due to its colour and look.  

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We do not get many clients in residential rehab for Crystal Meth, as I feel even the addicts in this country know how bad it is. Saying that, it is very popular in America and Africa. If you would like any help or advice on anything to do with addiction to drugs, or Crystal Meth. Call us now on Tel: 07811 606 606

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