Heroin addiction

Heroin addiction. So here it is. The big one. The most addictive drug out of the lot. We get more clients call for rehab for Heroin addiction, than any other drug. Sadly most cannot afford to come to residential rehab as Heroin will wipe out any money they have. The saddest part of all is, every penny a user gives to a dealer will go towards fuelling crime. This is a drug to stay well away from.  

Street names for Heroin

Smack is the most commonly used name for Heroin. Brown is most commonly used among dealers. Dope, Junk, China White, Dragon are some. And Skag is used more  up north. 

How pure is it? – Heroin addiction 

It will start off in this country around 96% pure when shipped in. And by the time it has been through several dealer, and cut using other drugs, the amount will drop to around 18% on the streets. So that is what the user will get used to. But if a batch gets through to the user at a much higher percentage of Heroin in , which it does quite frequently. Then this is when users end up overdosing if injecting, and a lot will die on that one injection. You sometimes hear on the news, or the radio that there is a strong batch of Heroin in the area, and users should need to be careful. Yes Heroin does kill you.  

What is Heroin?

It is an opioid analgesic synthesised in created 1874 by C.R.Alder Wright. It is a Diamorphine (BAN). The body converts it into Morphine. It is effectively made from Poppy seeds, and is highly addictive. It can be injected or smoked. Once you start injecting, you are on a down hill slop, as you will never go back to smoking it, as you will not get the same hit.  

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