Programs available

Programs available. We have our normal supervised alcohol home detox program, or we also offer residential rehab, and residential detox programs. These are where you come into one of our residential rehab centres. 

Alcohol Home Detox – Programs available

Our alcohol home detox program, which is available to for you to start today, if you would like to, is our most affordable way of detoxing from alcohol. This is very popular simply for this reason. Plus you do not have to go anywhere, and you can stay with your family or friends while you are having your alcohol home detox. This is a great program for anyone wanting to give up alcohol, who is in the right mindset to give up.

If the client has a lot of issues, or is homeless, or is suffering mental health issues. Then this program is not for them. The homeless clients will be needing their “local community drug and alcohol team” the mental health clients will be needing a “crisis team”. And everyone else would benefit from one of our residential rehab centres. 

Residential Rehab Centres

Residential rehab centres are a little more expensive than our home detox program, but some clients prefer to go to a residential rehab centre. At our residential rehab centres, our clients are treated very well. They have their own on suite room. Their own chef. The chef will cook all the right nutrition needed during their detox, and afterward during their rehabilitation. We also cover all aspects of mental health such as eating disorder, panic attacks, anxiety  depression etc. Call us for more information. Tel: 07811 606 606

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We are here all the time, so do call us anytime. We offer advice and help or you can book yourself into residential rehab from here, or book and alcohol home detox from here. Tel: 07811 606 606

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