Alcohol Home Detox
West Sussex

West Sussex

West Sussex
West Sussex


We have now helped a lot of clients in West Sussex with our alcohol home detox programme. We have a very high success rate, and can normally start your alcohol home detox the same day, or in a few days time if you prefer. also we will work around you. Our only aim is to get you well and clean from alcohol. 

If you would like to know more about our alcohol home detox programme, or would like to book yourself in for one, then please call us on 07811 606 606 to discuss. We are here 24 hours a day, so you can call anytime which suites you. 

Why a home detox?

An alcohol home detox is much preferred by a lot of clients, as they can still carry on their day to day living at home. Some clients do not like the idea of a residential rehab centre, and some clients are very busy, and do not have time for a residential rehab centre. Also the cost of residential rehab is very expensive compared to an alcohol home detox. 

Support during and after your detox in West Sussex

We offer full support during your alcohol home detox and full support after your alcohol home detox. We are always available if you are showing any signs of relapse, or you just need to talk. 

Alcohol home detox in West Sussex

If you live in the West Sussex area and would like an alcohol home detox, you are welcome to call our team in complete confidence, to discuss your needs. We offer the most supported and cost affective alcohol home detox programme anywhere in the UK. Call us now own 07811 606 606