Alcohol home Detox – About us

About us. After struggling with addiction myself, and ending up really ill, I decided to put my energy into helping others with addictions. So in 2009 I set up Alcohol Home Detox. The idea was simple. To offer the most affordable drug and alcohol rehabilitation anywhere in the country. So that is what I did. That is where it all started.

The reason I decided to do this was. It seemed a lot of rehab centres were charging too much money for a short spell in rehab, I thought not many people can afford this. Plus peoples local “Community drug and alcohol teams” were, and still are useless. And feel free to quote me on that. There had to be a better way. So that is when I set up Alcohol home detox. It worked. So many people wanted help. And the more affordable the better.

Cetox Healthcare – About us

I then looked at the “Alcohol home detox industry. To be fair there were not many people doing that. But what I was finding is companies were charging clients up to £3,500 for a “so called” home detox, and all they were doing was, sending the client a lot of prescribed medication (from what country I don’t know) what kind of doctor or nurse was signing these off! and a sheet of paper telling them how many to take. Sadly this still goes on today. I had one lady call me who was suicidal, and she had just been sent 60 Diazepam pills and 28 sleeping tablets and did not know what to do with them.

So I set up Cetox Healthcare, to offer the most supported alcohol home detox, anywhere in the UK. We now cover every part of the uk including the Isle of Wight and Northern Ireland. We have also made it the most successful, and affordable home detoxes company anywhere, and we even offer a “same day service” where a client can start their detox today.

Cetox Medical and Testfield

I then looked at the drug testing industry and saw companies were charging a small fortune for drug tests. So I set up Cetox Medical. A year later bought out another company called Testfield. Both of these companies and running strongly today.

Pierpoint Addiction Services

Later that same year I managed to get hold of Pierpoint. This rehab centre had been running for 23 years and then the government pulled the funding. That ended them. I realised clients still wanted help so took it on.

Roks Flip flops – Winchester Classic Cars

I have since set up several other companies, and bought other companies which are not related to Addiction Healthcare. Such as Roks Flip Flops and a car probate valuation company called Winchester Classic cars.

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I am aways available to talk to. I am not more important than anyone else and would gladly take your call. My name is Mark,   Tel: 07811 606 606.

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