Testimonials –  Mrs S from Bournemouth

   I just wanted to thank you for everything. I’m now addicted to lemon fanta but I think i’ll be ok. I honestly cannot thank you enough for saving my life.

Testimonials –  Mr E from Essex

I was a very serious alcoholic for years, then I found “AlcoholHomeDetox.co.uk”  on line. I kid you not, but after 5 days of their help, I was fully recovered and a so called normal person. Honestly it was that simple. Day 1′ A visit from a male nurse, all the way from Birmingham to Essex just for meeting with.

This clearly is not the national health service. After maybe 90 minutes consultation, he left me medications for my various complaints and that evening I started taking them. Day 2′ After a good night’s sleep (almost unheard of for me) I woke up to NO withdrawal symptoms. NO sweats, NO shakes. and NO Tupperware pot full of sick. Pretty good really. Days 3 & 4′ As everyday, I discussed my symptoms, Or lack of, with my prescribing nurse to determine the exact dosage to take and arrange a time for the next phone call. Day5′ I took one last pill in the morning but come evening I still felt fine, so I stopped treatment there and then. That’s how easy it was. The end.

The outcome – Testimonials

PS. Side effects. 1′ A return of my appetite (just in time to save my life ) 2′ Plastecine legs, but let’s face it, any drunk worth his salt, is already quite skilled at the toddle home. 3′ A mild buzz. It’s pretty strong stuff but again no problem for us professional drinkers.. The guys that guided me through detox are all about common sense and their website makes that clear from the start. I consider them mates now and I shall still ring them on occasion. Seriously the whole experience was easier than my daily life on the bottle. My advice. Beg borrow or steal the wherewithals and call them.

Disclaimer – All the above testimonials are unedited words of patients we have treated. These are their stories. Please note that the results of treatment may vary between individual patients.

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We offer massive support during our alcohol home detox programs. Our highly qualified nurses not only call you a minimum of four times a day, during medication times, but they also give you a 24 hour helpline direct to them, to help make your detox program run as smoothly and as comfortable as possible. If you would like to book an alcohol home detox, or would just like more help and advice, Call our team now on Tel: 0845 3881 543

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